.07 Operation and Maintenance Program Criteria.

The operation and maintenance program for a project shall conform to the following:

A. General Maintenance. General maintenance to a channel, maintenance areas, and right-of-ways includes the:

(1) Removal of obstructions, debris, and sediment;

(2) Control of woody growth;

(3) Cleaning out of permanent sediment traps;

(4) Installation of necessary sediment traps;

(5) Installation of necessary water control structures where uncontrolled concentrated flow of water enters a channel;

(6) Stabilization of eroding areas;

(7) Routine repair of damaged structures and channel banks; and

(8) Observation of all other sound operation and maintenance practices.

B. Sediment Traps and Channel Clean Out.

(1) Sediment traps shall be installed where necessary for the efficient operation of a channel.

(2) The design and installation of a sediment trap shall include providing a stable channel bank slope.

(3) The clean out of a channel or sediment trap includes:

(a) Removal of silt bars and sediment;

(b) Restoration of a stable channel bank slope; and

(c) Maintaining the approved channel or sediment trap design.

(4) Channel spoil shall be placed in locations where the spoil does not:

(a) Prevent watershed runoff from entering the natural flood plain;

(b) Interfere with travel ways;

(c) Endanger the stability of a channel;

(d) Fill adjacent wetlands; and

(e) Wash back into a channel.

(5) Disturbed areas shall be stabilized and seeded in accordance with Regulation .06C.

C. Vegetated Strips. Vegetated strips shall be established and maintained on all channels in accordance with Regulation .05D.

D. Water Temperature Control. Areas of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous growth shall be retained or reestablished in accordance with Regulation .05E(4).