.06 Construction and Maintenance Criteria.

A. In-stream Excavation. Except with the written permission of the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, in-stream excavation or clearing is prohibited between the following dates:

(1) October 1 through April 30 in natural trout waters;

(2) March 1 through May 31 in recreational trout waters; and

(3) March 15 through June 15 in anadromous fish spawning waters.

B. Clearing and Snagging.

(1) Clearing and snagging of a channel may not endanger channel stability.

(2) The areas to be cleared and snagged shall be limited to:

(a) The channel bottom, banks, and berms;

(b) Adjacent trees or other objects that may fall into a channel;

(c) Access roads;

(d) Temporary disposal areas; and

(e) Areas designated by a soil conservation district for planned conservation areas.

C. Revegetation.

(1) On each project, a species of erosion controlling vegetation adapted to the area and a proven method of vegetation establishment shall be used for revegetation.

(2) Provisions shall be taken on a project to reduce soil erosion until effective revegetation can be accomplished.

(3) During the growing season, at a minimum:

(a) Channel banks shall be seeded at the end of each day's excavation; and

(b) Other areas where soil has been disturbed shall be seeded within 7 days of final soil disturbance.

(4) The progress of revegetation shall be monitored by the association and corrective action taken when necessary.