.08 Record-Keeping Requirements.

A. A registrant or facility operator who distributes compost shall maintain complete records for 2 years for each lot of compost distributed.

B. Records shall have the following information:

(1) Source, type, and quantity of compostable received;

(2) Quantity and type of waste or compostable processed into compost;

(3) Quantity and classification of compost produced, by product classification;

(4) Quantity and classification of compost distributed, by product classification; and

(5) Analytical results of compost testing.

C. A registrant who distributes in bulk a Limited Use or Restricted Use compost product for application to soil on a site where repeated use of any compost is expected to occur shall:

(1) Maintain for 10 years application records for each lot of compost product applied to that site; and

(2) Document cumulative loading of each heavy metal listed in Regulation .12 of this chapter applied to that site.