.07 Compost Tonnage Reporting.

A. Tonnage Reporting Statement.

(1) The registrant of each compost product shall submit to the Department:

(a) A semiannual written statement of the tonnage for each brand or classification of compost distributed in this State; and

(b) Except as provided in §A(3) of this regulation, an inspection fee of 25 cents for each ton distributed.

(2) This statement and inspection fee shall include each sale for the periods of January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31 of each year.

(3) Through September 30, 2022, if the registrant is a private entity, the registrant is exempt from submitting an inspection fee of 25 cents for each ton of commercial compost distributed in this State.

B. Failure to File Statement or Pay Fee. If a registrant fails to file a tonnage report and the inspection fee is not paid within 31 days after the end of the semiannual period, a collection fee amounting to 10 percent of the amount, or a minimum of $10, may be assessed against the registrant. The amount of fees due constitute a debt and may become the basis of a judgment against the registrant.