.03 Operator Certification Requirement.

A. Each composting facility regulated by this chapter shall operate under the supervision of a certified operator.

B. Certification. A person shall apply for certification as a composting facility operator by:

(1) Applying to the Department on a departmental form; and

(2) Demonstrating proof of practical and scientific knowledge of composting by passing a written examination given by the Department.

C. Recertification. A person shall apply for renewal by:

(1) Applying to the Department;

(2) Demonstrating satisfactory knowledge of composting by attending during the period of certification at least one training course approved by the Department or by reexamination; and

(3) Complying with all other requirements of this chapter.

D. A composting facility operator certificate is valid for 3 years beginning January 1, or whenever obtained, until December 31 of the third year of certification.

E. Examination.

(1) Each applicant for certification shall pass a written examination given by the Department.

(2) The Department shall give the examination at least twice a year.

(3) The Department may provide either the required training or a list of study materials before any examination is given.

(4) To apply for the examination to be certified as a composting facility operator, an applicant shall file with the Department at least 15 days before any announced examination an application on the form the Department requires.