.06 Records and Reports.

A. Records.

(1) A person whose fruit is certified "MD-CA" shall keep accurate daily records on forms approved by the Department.

(2) Records shall be made available to the Department upon request and shall be kept for 1 year from harvest.

(3) Records shall include the following:

(a) Full name and address of applicant;

(b) Number and storage capacity of each facility;

(c) Date of sealing of the facility;

(d) Date of opening of the facility;

(e) A daily record of the date and time of testing of the percent of carbon dioxide, oxygen, relative humidity, and the temperature of a facility;

(f) The quantity within the facility by variety and lot identification;

(g) The dates of any entry or resealing of the CA facility.

B. Within 30 days after a facility is filled with fruit and sealed, a person whose fruit is to be certified shall submit a written report to the Secretary showing the following:

(1) The quantity and lot or sub-lot identity by variety of fruit held; and

(2) The date of sealing of the facility.

C. If any person removes any fruit before the minimum holding period or final opening as required by this subtitle, the person whose fruit is certified shall notify the Secretary in writing within 3 days from removal stating the quantity and identity of fruit removed.