.02 Penalty.

A. Terms Defined. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

(1) “Licensee” means a person who is licensed to operate a Horse Establishment.

(2) “Member of the Board” means a member of the Horse Industry Board including a Board inspector.

B. After a hearing, or an opportunity for a hearing, the Board may impose a penalty on:

(1) A person who operates or maintains a horse establishment without a license; or

(2) A licensee who:

(a) Refuses to allow a member of the Board to enter and inspect the licensed premises;

(b) Obstructs any member of the Board in the performance of that person’s duties;

(c) Fails to provide suitable food, water, and shelter for a horse under control of the licensee;

(d) Maintains an unsanitary or unfit horse establishment;

(e) Fails to provide suitable saddles, bridles, harnesses, or other tack or equipment;

(f) Allows unfit horses to be used for riding or driving purposes;

(g) Commits an act of cruelty as defined in Criminal Law Article, § 10-601, Annotated Code of Maryland, or allows the commission of an act of cruelty by any other person with relation to any horse under control of the licensee;

(h) Does any other act that, in the opinion of the Board, taking into consideration the welfare of the horses under the control of the licensee, shows that the licensee is unfit to operate a horse establishment; or

(i) Fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Board after receiving a license.