.05 Application.

A. An application shall contain the following:

(1) The project title;

(2) The applicant's name, address, and telephone number;

(3) A brief biography and qualifications of the project leader;

(4) Brief biographies and qualifications of additional personnel who will work on the project, if applicable;

(5) The amount of the grant requested;

(6) A project description, which shall include:

(a) The project's objective;

(b) A general summary of the proposed project;

(c) The value of the project to Maryland's horse industry;

(d) The proposed start date of the project; and

(e) The schedule for completion of the project; and

(7) Any additional information the applicant wants the Board to consider during its review of the proposed project.

B. Only an original application, signed by the project leader and postmarked 30 days before the Board's announced allocation meeting shall be accepted.

C. An applicant shall submit the application to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Maryland Horse Industry Board, 50 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.

D. An application, or corrections to an application, submitted through electronic means may not be accepted.