.04 Application Requirements.

An application to the Foundation for overlay easement approval shall provide the following information:

A. A location map outlining the entire property, the overlay easement area, and access to the overlay easement area;

B. A draft of the proposed overlay deed of easement (not a generic copy) that shall clearly list all activities that may or may not be permitted;

C. If the Foundation requires, the proposed overlay easement form shall include language that would make the proposed overlay easement subordinate to the agricultural preservation easement;

D. If the application is for a right-of-way easement, information shall be provided regarding the State’s or county’s minimum width requirements;

E. A statement of the purpose of the request, including alternatives available to the proposed overlay easement;

F. Confirmation from the county planning and zoning office that the proposed overlay easement complies with local zoning requirements;

G. A recommendation from the local Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board; and

H. Any other information the Foundation considers necessary to consider the application.