.07 Requirements upon Approval.

A. A landowner may not proceed with plans pursuant to the approval until the corrective easements have been recorded among the land records in the county in which the land is situated, unless the Foundation issues a letter permitting the landowner to proceed.

B. If the Foundation approves the request, then the landowner:

(1) Shall submit to the Foundation, 10 copies of a survey plat, signed and sealed by a surveyor registered in the State of Maryland depicting the resulting divided parcels of the land, along with separate written metes and bounds descriptions of those resulting divided parcels; and

(2) Shall remit funds in the amount and manner directed by the Foundation to cover the costs of the transaction as specified in Regulation .04C and shall furnish such other documentation as directed by the Foundation.

C. If the funds and documentation required by this regulation are not provided by the landowner to the Foundation within 3 years of Foundation board approval, then, unless an extension request is submitted within 3 years and approved by Foundation staff, the approval is void.