.04 Civil Penalty Procedure.

A. The Foundation shall issue a written notice of violation to the property owner upon finding that a violation has occurred or is ongoing.

B. A written notice of violation shall include:

(1) A statement of the statute, regulation, or deed of easement violated by the landowner;

(2) A description of the evidence of a violation;

(3) A statement informing the property owner of the right to an informal meeting with the Foundation;

(4) The amount of the proposed civil penalty;

(5) A statement of the remedial action necessary to bring the property owner into compliance; and

(6) A reasonable amount of time, as determined by the Foundation, to correct a violation.

C. If the alleged violation still exists after the property owner has had an opportunity for an informal meeting and a reasonable amount of time to correct the violation, the Foundation may issue a written notice of violation with a penalty.