.04 Application Procedure.

Before the Foundation may consider a request for approval of any use or activity provided by this chapter, all of the following information shall be submitted by the county on behalf of the landowner:

A. An application for approval that has been completed and signed by all titled landowners that fully and completely describes the proposed use or activity on the farm;

B. A letter of recommendation from the local agricultural land preservation advisory board or program administrator;

C. A written statement from the local planning and zoning office, or the county program administrator, indicating that the proposed use or activity is permitted as of right or by special exception under local zoning; and

D. A written statement from the local soil conservation district that the use or activity does not:

(1) Interfere in the implementation or maintenance of a best management practice for the farm provided in its soil conservation and water quality plan; or

(2) Adversely impact sensitive natural resources on the farm, if this statement is requested by the Foundation.