.03 Criteria to be Considered.

The Foundation shall consider the following criteria in determining whether to approve or disapprove any use or activity:

A. Proportion of size of use or activity to total farm operation;

B. Compatibility with farm or forest production;

C. Potential damage to soil productivity;

D. Extent of use of existing farm structures or buildings, and impact on the value of the existing structure for farm or forestry use;

E. Whether any new structure or parking to support the use meets Foundation guidelines for location, scale, and impervious surfaces;

F. Compatibility with the rural character of the farm and the surrounding area;

G. County advisory board recommendation;

H. Compatibility with the implementation or maintenance of a best management practice provided in a soil conservation and water quality plan for the farm and, if applicable, a Forest Stewardship Plan or a nutrient management plan; and

I. Impact on sensitive natural resources on the farm, such as steep slopes, highly erodible soils, wetlands, or stream buffers.