.01 Scope.

A. This chapter applies to any lot released by the Foundation to an eligible landowner or landowner's child for the landowner's or landowner's child's use and occupancy on a farm. This chapter describes release procedures and explains when the lot may be conveyed.

B. The lots permitted to be released from the deed of easement under this chapter are:

(1) Restricted under the terms of each agricultural land preservation easement; and

(2) Intended only for the limited purpose of constructing a dwelling for the eligible landowner who sold or transferred an easement to the Foundation or for the child of a landowner or landowners, thereby allowing immediate family members to live on the farm.

C. Except as provided by this chapter, these dwellings or lots may not be transferred or conveyed to any other person.

D. This chapter does not apply to an unrestricted lot released by the Foundation from the deed easement.