.05 Application to Sell Agricultural Land Preservation Easement.

A. An owner of agricultural land located within an agricultural land preservation district may offer by written application to sell to the Foundation an easement on the entire contiguous acreage of land within that district.

B. The owner shall submit a written application to sell an easement to the Foundation not later than July 1 of the fiscal year in which the application is to be considered and include with the application:

(1) An asking price for which the owner is willing to sell an easement;

(2) A complete description of the subject land;

(3) A certification from the local soil conservation district that it has prepared or revised within the last 10 years a soil conservation and water quality plan that:

(a) Identifies the existing erosion and water quality problems on the subject land and the means (that is, the practices and other conservation measures) necessary to address them; and

(b) Contains a schedule for implementing the means to address the problems; and

(4) An acknowledgement of the following by the landowner:

(a) That upon the Foundation's acquisition of the easement, the landowner agrees to follow the recommended schedule to implement the best management practices described in a soil conservation and water quality plan applicable to the land; and

(b) For land with 25 acres or more of contiguous forest land, the landowner agrees, before the easement is acquired, to provide the Foundation with a certification from a forester licensed in this State, that:

(i) A forest stewardship plan has been prepared or revised for the land within the last 10 years; and

(ii) The landowner agrees to implement the practices stated in the plan.