.04 Requirements of Veterinary Practitioners.

A veterinary practitioner who offers practical training to a veterinary medical school student shall:

A. Ensure that the veterinary medical school student meets the definition of a veterinary preceptee before permitting the student to practice veterinary medicine under the responsible direct supervision of the veterinary practitioner.

B. Provide responsible direct supervision to the veterinary preceptee at all times the veterinary preceptee is working with a patient.

C. Upon request by the Board, or the Board's representative, provide written documentation evidencing the validity of the practical training instruction being given by the veterinary practitioner to the veterinary preceptee. This documentation shall indicate, at a minimum, that the veterinary medical school student has been approved, by the veterinary medical college at which the student is enrolled, to participate in practical training. This documentation shall be maintained at the hospital where the veterinary practitioner is employed.