.04 Accreditation.

A. Accreditation of continuing education courses by the Committee shall be based upon content. Continuing education courses shall be directed towards improvement, advancement, enhancement, and extension of professional skills and knowledge relating to the practice of veterinary technology.

B. Credit may be approved for the following:

(1) Continuing veterinary technician education programs given by colleges of veterinary medicine or veterinary technology approved by the AVMA;

(2) Lectures and scheduled courses at national and regional meetings of the AVMA;

(3) Continuing education programs given or arranged by the AVMA;

(4) Local, state, regional, or national continuing professional education courses, including graduate and postgraduate studies, institutes, seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, and extension studies; and

(5) Continuing education programs available on-line, not exceeding:

(a) 8 hours in a 3-year period, or

(b) 4 hours per year.

C. After review of course content, the Committee may withdraw its approval of a previously accredited continuing education course.