.04 Minimum Standards.

A. A person who owns or operates a limited use veterinary hospital is responsible for:

(1) Keeping the hospital area clean where veterinary service is performed;

(2) Having a separate room, in the building where limited use veterinary hospital services are performed, which:

(a) Is of adequate size;

(b) Shall have adequate lighting and an examination table where the service is performed;

(c) May only be used for limited use veterinary hospital services; and

(d) May not be used for any other purpose such as storage, grooming, or boarding animals;

(3) Proper refrigeration and proper care of medicine used at the limited use veterinary hospital as required by applicable medicine label instructions;

(4) Handling waste materials that are generated from an animal that does not have a disease transmissible to humans as follows:

(a) Sharps, including but not limited to syringes, needles, and surgical instruments, shall be placed in a rigid, tightly lidded container that is impervious to puncture and the container shall be placed in a leak-proof plastic sack or plastic-lined paper bag before disposal;

(b) Animal tissues, including blood if it is in liquid form, shall be placed in one of the following:

(i) Sanitary sewer if allowed under any local ordinance or regulation and the Environment Article, Annotated Code of Maryland,

(ii) Leak-proof disposable container, such as a plastic sack or a plastic-lined paper bag, which, before disposal in a legally acceptable manner, shall be placed in a rigid, opaque container;

(5) Keeping a positive pressure oxygen delivery system for small animal patients where medically indicated;

(6) Keeping records at the hospital for 3 years showing the veterinarian's name, date of service, animal owner's name, and service given and upon request by the board or a client making all records available for inspection; and

(7) Posting the hospital's limited use veterinary hospital license in the immediate area where limited veterinary services are provided.

B. A surgical procedure may not be performed at a limited use veterinary hospital.