.13 Duties and Restrictions on Registered Veterinary Technicians.

A. A registered veterinary technician may not:

(1) Diagnose;

(2) Offer prognosis;

(3) Prescribe:

(a) Drugs;

(b) Medication;

(c) Appliances;

(4) Perform surgery; or

(5) Initiate treatment without prior instruction by a veterinarian.

B. A registered veterinary technician may perform the following procedures under the responsible direct supervision of a veterinarian:

(1) Inducing anesthesia by intramuscular injection;

(2) Applying casts and splints;

(3) Simple dental extractions of loose teeth that do not involve flaps or tooth sectioning;

(4) Suturing of existing surgical skin or gingival incisions; and

(5) Accessing a small working stock of Schedule II drugs under separate lock.

C. A registered veterinary technician may perform anesthetic induction by inhalation or intravenous injection if the veterinarian is able to maintain direct visual supervision of the technicianís performance.

D. A registered veterinary technician may administer medication and render other auxiliary or supporting assistance not referenced in §B of this regulation under the responsible direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

E. Emergency Conditions.

(1) Under emergency conditions only, the following activities may be performed by a registered veterinary technician before a veterinarianís initial examination of an animal:

(a) Provide supportive care and first aid; and

(b) Follow written protocols for specific conditions, as established by the veterinarian.

(2) If a veterinarian is not available to perform an initial examination of an animal that is presented as an emergency, a registered veterinary technician shall notify the animalís owner of the:

(a) Veterinarianís unavailability;

(b) Estimated time of arrival of the veterinarian; and

(c) Estimated distance to another veterinary hospital.

F. If employed at a veterinary hospital, a veterinary technician shall display at that facility the registration that the Board issued to the veterinary technician.