.06 Examination — Passing Grade.

A. A candidate shall pass the VTNE. The VTNE shall be administered for those candidates who have not previously taken and passed the VTNE. Candidates who have previously taken and passed the VTNE shall provide the Committee with a report from the AAVSB’s Veterinary Information Verifying Agency showing that the candidate has passed the VTNE.

B. Passing Score for the VTNE. The PES shall establish the passing score for the VTNE.

C. State Board's Acceptance of Passing Scores on Previously Taken Tests. If an applicant has previously taken and passed the Maryland State Veterinary Technician Examination, the State Board shall accept the applicant's score if the score is not more than 5 years old. After this 5-year period, the applicant shall take and pass this examination to be a registered veterinary technician if the applicant does not meet the qualifications set forth in Regulation .11 of this chapter for veterinary technicians who have practiced in another state or foreign jurisdiction.