.03 Violations.

The Board may impose a penalty on a veterinarian who does any of the following:

A. Fails to provide direct supervision for employees;

B. Practices veterinary medicine without a current registration;

C. Operates a veterinary hospital without a veterinary hospital license;

D. Fails to conform to minimum sanitary standards for veterinary facilities;

E. Conducts a veterinary practice in a manner which violates professional and ethical standards;

F. Violates a Board regulation after receiving a license;

G. Engages in false or misleading advertising;

H. Obtains a license to practice veterinary medicine by fraud or misrepresentation;

I. Employs or permits an unlicensed person to practice veterinary medicine;

J. Employs or permits a veterinarian who does not possess a current veterinary registration to practice veterinary medicine;

K. Practices veterinary medicine without a valid license issued by the Board;

L. Conducts a veterinary practice incompetently;

M. Violates any federal or State law relating to narcotic drugs;

N. Is convicted of a felony, or of a crime involving moral turpitude;

O. Is deliberately cruel to an animal; or

P. Is grossly negligent in the practice of veterinary medicine.