.02 Information on Certificate.

A. When issuing a health certificate or a rabies certificate for a companion animal, a veterinarian may not issue a blank or incomplete certificate. The veterinarianís signature shall be:

(1) Handwritten by the veterinarian; or

(2) An electronic signature of the veterinarian, affixed at the direction of the treating veterinarian at the time of vaccination.

B. A health certificate shall contain (if applicable to the species), but not be limited to the following information:

(1) Date;

(2) Owner's name;

(3) Owner's address;

(4) Description of animal, including:

(a) Age,

(b) Sex,

(c) Breed if purebred, or predominant breed type if of mixed breeding,

(d) Family, such as canine, feline;

(5) Any pertinent medical history;

(6) Any vaccinations administered, including date and type.