.13 Penalties.

A. After giving an owner notice and an opportunity to be heard, the Board may impose a civil penalty instead of, or in addition to, suspending or revoking an animal control facility license if:

(1) The owner or responsible individual fails to comply with the Board's requirements set forth in this chapter; or

(2) The owner fails to either:

(a) Pay the annual fee required under Regulation .06 of this chapter; or

(b) Allow the Board to inspect the animal control facility during normal business hours.

B. Any license issued under this chapter is invalid for an owner whose designated responsible individual either ceases to qualify for that designation or leaves its employment, unless the owner has:

(1) Given the Board at least 2 weeks written notice of the proposed change of status of the designated responsible individual; and

(2) Submitted the name of a person who:

(a) Meets the requirements of this chapter for designation as the responsible individual; and

(b) Has been approved by the Board or its representative.