.10 Quality Standards.

A. An owner licensed under this chapter shall ensure that:

(1) A drug is not used beyond its stated expiration date;

(2) Outdated drugs are labeled as such and are kept in a separate place within a securely locked safe until they can be disposed of properly;

(3) Drug container labels are not:

(a) Changed;

(b) Removed; or

(c) Altered;

(4) Needles and syringes used by the animal control facility are:

(a) Of medical quality;

(b) Appropriately sized for the animal control procedure;

(c) Used for not more than three euthanasia administrations;

(d) Checked for burrs or other damage before each use;

(e) Disposed of in a manner that makes reuse impossible; and

(f) Securely stored when not in use;

(5) Drugs are not distributed to another animal control facility;

(6) Drug administration equipment is:

(a) Kept in good working order; and

(b) Maintained as recommended by the manufacturer;

(7) A dosage chart is available for each euthanasia solution or chemical restraint drug maintained at the animal control facility;

(8) Written response protocols are available for accidental exposure of humans to euthanasia solutions or chemical restraint drugs maintained at the registered animal shelter;

(9) Bulk inventories of controlled substances are stored in a safe in a room other than the euthanasia room;

(10) Unless an animal is sedated, a minimum of two individuals are present when performing an intravenous drug injection, including:

(a) An authorized employee; and

(b) One or more other individuals to assist the authorized employee as a handler; and

(11) An authorized employee documents animal control activities that involve controlled dangerous substances as set forth in this chapter.

B. Outdated drugs may be disposed of in one of the following ways:

(1) Administered to an animal after euthanasia;

(2) Returned to the supplier for credit or replacement; or

(3) Sent to a DEA-registered reverse distributor for destruction.