.06 Responsible Individual.

A. Requirement. An animal control facility shall designate an individual as the responsible individual.

B. Eligibility and Qualifications.

(1) A responsible individual is an individual who:

(a) Is 21 years old or older;

(b) Is formally designated by the owner or the board of directors as the responsible individual to obtain controlled dangerous substances for the animal shelter; and

(c) Within 10 years of the date the individual was designated as the responsible individual, has not been convicted of a felony offense or a crime or infraction involving:

(i) Animal abuse or neglect; or

(ii) Controlled dangerous substances.

(2) The owner may be designated as the responsible individual for the animal control facility if the owner meets the requirements set forth in §B(1) of this regulation.

C. Duties and Responsibilities. The responsible individual shall:

(1) Be involved and present during the routine operations of the animal control facility;

(2) Successfully complete an approved euthanasia training course as set forth in Regulation .09 of this chapter;

(3) Establish and maintain a written manual of instructions for employees to follow when performing animal control procedures, including:

(a) Euthanasia;

(b) Sedation; and

(c) Any other form of chemical animal control;

(4) Ensure that employees who administer drugs to animals have obtained required training suitable to the setting in which they are required to perform work for the animal control facility;

(5) Designate the employees who are authorized to administer controlled dangerous substances and noncontrolled substances in the course of the activities of the animal control facility;

(6) Maintain and make available for inspection a current list of authorized employees;

(7) Ensure that the authorized employees only perform tasks and duties at the direction of the responsible individual or owner of the animal control facility; and

(8) Purchase and maintain the required controlled dangerous substances for use at the animal control facility.

D. The responsible individual shall maintain all controlled substances under that individual's authority in a properly secured and locked storage container when the responsible individual or an authorized employee is not in the same room with the drug.

E. Only the responsible individual may purchase controlled dangerous substances for the animal control facility.