.01-1 Licensing Requirement.

A. For each licensing year, an owner shall apply for a hospital license on an application furnished by the Department and pay the annual fee required under Regulation .08 of this chapter.

B. The owner of a hospital shall provide certain information on the application when either obtaining a new hospital license, or renewing a hospital license. The following information shall be provided on the application form by the owner:

(1) Name of hospital;

(2) Name of owner;

(3) Street address;

(4) Printed name and signature of veterinarian responsible for the hospital;

(5) If more than one individual is employed by the hospital, one of the following:

(a) Certificate of compliance with the State Workers' Compensation Laws; or

(b) Workmens' compensation policy number or binder number;

(6) Names of all veterinarians employed by the owner;

(7) Names of all registered veterinary technicians employed by the owner;

(8) Hospital's core hours of operation;

(9) Hospital's telephone and facsimile numbers; and

(10) Signature and date by the hospital owner.

C. A person, including the owner, may not operate a veterinary hospital unless it has a valid hospital license.

D. The Board shall issue the hospital license in the owner's name for the particular building or portion of it identified in the owner's application.

E. Because a hospital license is issued in the name of a particular owner for a particular building or portion of it, the owner may not transfer this license to either a new owner, including a person leasing or purchasing the owner's veterinary practice, or a different physical structure.

F. The Board may not issue a hospital license for, and the owner may not operate a veterinary hospital from, a building or portion of a building which has not previously passed board inspection until such time that the facility passes board inspection. The Board shall attempt to inspect the new facility within 2 weeks from receipt of the owner's application.

G. Change of Ownership.

(1) Upon receipt of a hospital application and the associated fee by a new owner requesting change of ownership, the Board shall review the hospital's last inspection report. The Board shall issue a hospital license in the name of the new owner if the following conditions are met:

(a) The hospital was inspected by the Board within the 12 months preceding the Board's receipt of the hospital application; and

(b) The hospital passed the inspection conducted within the 12 months preceding the Board's receipt of the hospital application.

(2) If the conditions set forth in §G(1)(a) and (b) of this regulation are met, the Board shall attempt to inspect the hospital under new ownership within 60 days from the Board's receipt of the application.

H. After giving an owner notice and an opportunity to be heard, the Board may reject the owner's application for a hospital license, or suspend or revoke a hospital license the Board previously issued if the:

(1) Veterinary hospital does not meet the minimum sanitary requirements for veterinary facilities as provided under this chapter; or

(2) Owner fails to either pay the annual fee required under Regulation .08 of this chapter or allow the Board to inspect the facility during normal business hours.

I. The owner shall notify the Board in writing of any change to the information set forth in §B(1)—(10) of this regulation within 30 days after the change.