.12-2 Dispensing of Federal Legend Drugs or Veterinary Prescription Drugs.

A. A veterinarian may dispense a prescription drug only if a veterinarian-client-patient relationship exists.

B. A veterinarian shall ensure that all federal legend drugs and veterinary prescription drugs are maintained, administered, prescribed, dispensed, and destroyed in compliance with all State and federal laws.

C. A veterinarian shall dispense prescription drugs only to the clients of the veterinarian or to clients of other veterinarians at the same hospital if there is an agreement with the need to continue treatment.

D. A veterinarian or authorized employee may not dispense a quantity of drug that is greater than that needed for the treatment of an animal, herd, or flock.

E. Nonprofessional staff may dispense prescription drugs only after specific instructions have been provided by a staff veterinarian.

F. A veterinarian or authorized employee shall include the following information on the labels of dispensed drugs:

(1) Hospital name, address, and telephone number;

(2) Name of prescribing veterinarian;

(3) Name of client and animal;

(4) Name, quantity, and strength of the drug;

(5) Directions for usage;

(6) Route of administration;

(7) Length of treatment;

(8) Appropriate cautionary statements including, if applicable, slaughter withdrawal or milk withholding times, or both;

(9) Date of dispensation; and

(10) Expiration date.

G. Returned Prescriptions.

(1) A veterinarian or authorized individual may not place a prescription returned by a client back into inventory unless:

(a) The prescription container is unopened;

(b) The prescription has not expired; and

(c) It can be readily determined that the drug was properly stored, labeled, and sealed to preserve strength, quality, purity, and identity during the time between sale of the drug and return to the veterinarian.

(2) A client may return any drug that does not meet the requirements of §G(1) to the veterinarian or veterinary hospital for proper disposal.