.12-1 Prescriptions.

A. A veterinarian may issue a prescription only under the following conditions:

(1) A veterinarian-client-patient relationship exists; and

(2) The veterinarian is willing to dispense the drug for the patient.

B. A licensed veterinarian authorizing a pharmacist to dispense a veterinary prescription drug shall include the following in the prescription:

(1) The name, address, telephone number, and license number of the veterinarian;

(2) The name and address of the client;

(3) Identification of the animal, through either name or number;

(4) The species of the animal;

(5) The name, quantity, and strength of the drug;

(6) Directions for use;

(7) Cautionary statements including, if applicable, expiration date and withdrawal time for slaughter or milk withholding, or both;

(8) Date of issue;

(9) Number of refills; and

(10) The signature of the veterinarian.

C. When issuing a prescription or dispensing a drug to a client, a veterinarian shall inform the client of the most common known side effects of the drug.

D. A veterinarian or employee approved by a veterinarian may transmit prescriptions that are not controlled dangerous substances from the prescriber to a pharmacy chosen by a client, and note such action in the record of the animal belonging to the client. Acceptable methods of transmission include but are not limited to:

(1) Facsimile; or

(2) Encrypted computer transmission.

E. A veterinarian may renew a prescription issued by another veterinarian from the same hospital for a client of that hospital if the veterinarian issuing the prescription renewal is in agreement with the need to continue treatment.

F. A veterinarian may supply a veterinarian at a different veterinary hospital with a prescription drug to alleviate a shortage or supply a need, but may not fill a prescription for a client that has been written by a veterinarian who is not an employee of that hospital.

G. A veterinarian shall have examined a patient at least once during the preceding 12-month period before renewing any prescription medication for a chronic condition.If an examination has not occurred, a prescription may not be renewed.