.11 Annual Registration.

A. A licensee who practices veterinary medicine in the State shall:

(1) Register annually with the Board;

(2) Pay the Board a registration fee, as provided in COMAR;

(3) State on the registration form the licensee's:

(a) Primary practice address, if any;

(b) Business telephone number, if any;

(c) Home (street) address and mailing address if the mailing address is different from the licensee's home address; and

(4) Notify the Board in writing of any change in the licensee's name or address (home, mailing, and practice) within 30 days after the change.

B. A veterinarian who fails to renew a veterinary license within 12 months following its expiration date shall seek reinstatement of the license before resuming the practice of veterinary medicine in the State.

C. A veterinarian may seek reinstatement of the veterinary license if the last registration certificate expired no more than 5 years before the date application is made for reinstatement.

D. If more than 5 years have lapsed since the date of expiration of the last registration certificate, the veterinarian shall apply for a new license with the Board, as provided in COMAR 15.14.09.

E. Reinstatement with the Board requires submission of the following to the Board’s office:

(1) Personal History Form;

(2) Current resume;

(3) Licensure verification from all state veterinary boards with which the veterinarian is licensed or has ever been licensed;

(4) Proof of the appropriate type and number of hours of continuing education, as provided in COMAR, for the period during which the license had lapsed;

(5) Payment of the reinstatement fee, as provided in COMAR; and

(6) Provided the veterinarian is approved for reinstatement by the Board, payment of the registration fee, as provided in COMAR