.10-1 Client Consent for Companion Animals and Hospitalized Animals.

A. For a non-emergency presentation, a veterinarian shall inform the client, in a manner that is understandable by a reasonable person, of the diagnostic and treatment plan. The veterinarian shall provide a written estimate of the charges for veterinary services, and obtain the clientís signature indicating acknowledgement and approval, before a veterinarian performs the following for a companion animal:

(1) Surgery; or

(2) Hospitalization.

B. For an emergency presentation, a veterinarian shall make a reasonable effort to comply with the requirements set forth in §A of this regulation.

C. Euthanasia. Consent for euthanasia shall be documented in the medical record by the veterinarian. Consent may consist of the following:

(1) A form signed and dated by the client or an individual authorized by the client; or

(2) If authorization for euthanasia is given orally, the veterinarian shall note this in the medical record, with a witness to the conversation.

D. A veterinarian shall maintain a written copy of the client consent and estimate of charges in the patientís record and shall provide a copy to the client.