.09 Maintenance of Professional Standards and Reporting Requirements.

It shall be considered a violation of this regulation for any veterinarian to commit any of the following acts of omission or commission:

A. To fail to report promptly when required by law or regulations, any dangerous, infectious, or contagious disease known to the veterinarian;

B. To fail to report promptly the results of any tests when required to do so by law or regulation or to apply or report them fraudulently;

C. To willfully make any misrepresentation in the inspection of foodstuffs;

D. To issue or use fraudulently any health certificate, inspection certificate, vaccination certificate, test chart, or other blank form used in the practice of veterinary medicine, including signing these forms in their blank state and dispensing them as such to the client;

E. To conduct a practice in violation of the regulations prescribed by the Board for proper sanitary and hygienic methods in the care and treatment of animals.