.07 Movement of High Risk Animal or Low Risk Exposed Animals.

A. The Department with the concurrence of the Administrator may redesignate high risk exposed animals as low risk exposed animals based on either the scrapie type involved or the epidemiology of the flock.

B. A person may not move any of the following high risk exposed animals into or within Maryland without prior written approval from the Department:

(1) An animal that originates from a state that:

(a) Is not a scrapie consistent state as provided in 9 CFR §79.6, as determined by APHIS-VS; or

(b) Originates from any flock or area under any animal movement restriction resulting from the presence or suspected presence of scrapie infection;

(2) A sexually intact, genetically susceptible exposed animal;

(3) An animal that is scrapie suspect or scrapie positive; or

(4) An animal that is considered to be a high risk animal for scrapie as determined by the Department, by APHIS-VS, or by the chief animal health official of any state, any territory, or the District of Columbia, or any other official of a political subdivision recognized by the Department.