.06 Requirements for Moving Sheep and Goats for Immediate Slaughter.

A. When selling or transferring animals for immediate slaughter:

(1) The owner shall note on the owner-hauler statement or waybill that the animal is being sold for “immediate slaughter only”; and

(2) The owner, dealer, market operator, or hauler shall insure that the animal is delivered to the slaughter facility for processing within 72 hours of the animal’s sale or transfer.

B. A person may not remove an animal from immediate slaughter:

(1)Without an ICVI or other document approved by the Department that has been signed by a State or federal official; or

(2) If prohibited by 9 CFR 79.

C. Animals in slaughter channels as defined by 9 CFR 79 may only be removed from slaughter channels as provided in 9 CFR 79.