.04 Requirements for Sheep and Goats Entering Maryland.

A. General Requirements.

(1) Except for an animal moving to immediate slaughter, a person may not import an animal into Maryland unless the animal originates from a flock in a scrapie consistent state or from a flock enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program as defined by 9 CFR 54.

(2) Exposed Animals. A person may not move a high or low risk exposed animal into Maryland without the Department’s written approval.

(3) ICVI Requirement.

(a) Except as provided by §B of this regulation, for any animal entering Maryland, the hauler or person responsible for the animal shall ensure that each animal is accompanied with an ICVI.

(b) The owner shall provide the issuing veterinarian the following information for completing the ICVI:

(i) Complete addresses of the flock or premise of origin and destination;

(ii) The species, breed, sex, and official scrapie identification of each animal; and

(iii) Any document certifying the scrapie status of the flock.

(c) The issuing veterinarian shall include the following information in the ICVI:

(i) The date of inspection;

(ii) The date that the ICVI is issued;

(iii) The scrapie premise or flock identification number or numbers; and

(iv) Any other statement pertaining to the scrapie status of the flock if required under 9 CFR §§79.3 and 79.5, certifying the known scrapie status of the flock.

(d) After completing the ICVI, the issuing veterinarian shall forward a copy to the chief animal health official of the state of destination within 7 days of issuance and keep a copy of it for a minimum of 5 years.

(e) An ICVI is invalid 30 days after issuance.

B. Exceptions to ICVI Requirement. An ICVI is not required for an animal moving into this State for immediate slaughter, provided that the animal is accompanied with an owner-hauler statement.