.03 Official Identification Requirements.

A. Except as provided by §B of this regulation, for any animal entering or moving within Maryland, an animal owner shall:

(1) Ensure that the animal has an official identification; and

(2) Keep and maintain a record of each animal’s official identification for 5 years in a manner that will allow the Department to trace the animal to its flock of origin or a new owner, if sold or transferred.

B. Exceptions to Official Identification Requirement. The official identification requirements of this regulation do not apply for an animal:

(1) That never leaves the premise of birth and has not commingled with animals originating outside the premise of birth;

(2) Less than 18 months of age that has not lambed, is not pregnant, and is moving for immediate slaughter; or

(3) Born in or entering Maryland and moving directly for sale to an approved tagging site, provided the animal is accompanied with an owner-hauler statement.