.02 Dangerous Transmissible Disease.

A. Equine infectious anemia is proclaimed to be a disease of transmissible nature and henceforth shall be known as a dangerous transmissible disease.

B. Report of Tests. All tests for equine infectious anemia shall be reported to the Department. Tests conducted in an approved laboratory within the State shall be reported on official forms furnished for this purpose. Veterinarians submitting blood samples for tests in laboratories outside Maryland shall furnish a copy of the test record to the Secretary immediately upon receipt of the test results from the testing laboratory.

C. Report of Disease. A person having knowledge of the existence of equine infectious anemia or knowledge of an animal afflicted with or suffering from equine infectious anemia anywhere within the State shall immediately make a written report to the Secretary, giving the name and address of the owner or person in charge of the animal and the place where the animal is kept.

D. Identification of Reactors. Horses which disclose a positive reaction to an official test shall be presented by the owner to the Department and permanently identified by a representative of the Department, using a visible body brand, by applying the letter "A" preceded by the number "51" and followed by a number assigned by the Secretary to indicate individual identification. An animal under 9 months old which reacts positively to an official test shall be quarantined and retested when 9 months old, and if positive at that time shall be subject to permanent identification and continued quarantine.

E. Quarantine. A horse found to be infected with equine infectious anemia shall be quarantined on its home farm or such other premises as may be approved by the Secretary until death. However, the Secretary may authorize the movement of infected animals to approved facilities for research purposes or for slaughter to approved facilities. The infected animal shall be segregated from all other horses in approved isolation facilities or, at the alternative of the owner, destroyed without indemnity. Isolated quarantine facilities and animals located in them shall be treated with an approved pesticide at such intervals as directed by an authorized representative of the Department.

F. Movements into Quarantined Facilities. Horses shall be moved into quarantined isolation facilities under special permit under such conditions as may be approved by the Secretary. These animals assume the same status as animals under quarantine.

G. Movement from Quarantined Facility. Foals born in quarantined facilities and found negative before reaching nine months of age, and other animals negative on tests before entry into the quarantined facility and found still negative on test before removal may be moved to new non-infected premises but will remain under quarantine in the new location until a second negative test is made, not sooner than 30 days after removal from the original infected, quarantined facility.

H. Unaffected Horses on Quarantined Premises. Horses not infected which are located on premises where infected animals are properly quarantined in isolation are not considered to be under quarantine and may be moved from the premises intrastate.