.07 Indemnity.

Indemnity by the State shall be paid in accord with Agriculture Article, § 3-107, Annotated Code of Maryland, and the following requirements:

A. Indemnities will be paid to owners of tuberculosis reactors and to owners of herds depopulated because of the existence of tuberculosis.

B. Swine of feeder, slaughter, or both types shall be appraised using the prevailing market quotation price per pound as a guide. This will vary with age, size, and quality of the animal.

C. Breeding swine shall be appraised using the price of similar animals in recent sales as a guide.

D. Maximum indemnity from State sources may not exceed $175 per animal. Maximum indemnity payments shall be reserved for breeding swine.

E. If indemnity from other sources is paid to owners of swine destroyed because of the existence of tuberculosis, indemnity from State sources will be paid only to the extent that total indemnity payments plus net salvage received does not exceed 90 percent of the appraised value of the animal.