.05 Introduction of Swine into Validated-Free Areas and Movement of Swine Through Auction Markets and Livestock Sales.

A. Swine for immediate slaughter may move through regular marketing channels (approved livestock markets and approved slaughtering establishments) without brucellosis testing.

B. Swine for feeding purposes may enter without a test, or may be held in validated areas without a test, provided the swine are maintained in isolation separate and apart from all breeding stock as approved by the Secretary.

C. Swine originating in validated-brucellosis-free herds, or negative non-validated herds in validated-brucellosis-free areas, may enter a non-validated herd without a test, provided the swine are moved directly and have not been in contact with infected swine or swine of an unknown brucellosis status, and have not been exposed to an infected premises.

D. Swine originating in herds not described in §C, above, shall have passed a negative test within 30 days before the date of entry, to be held in isolation, and pass one additional negative test within 30 to 60 days before being added to the herd.

E. Swine over 6 months old sold through auction markets or livestock sales, to be returned to farms for breeding purposes, shall originate directly from a validated herd, or be blood tested negative within 30 days before sale, or be blood tested negative before release.

F. All swine consigned to farms in Maryland shall be transported in conveyances that have been properly cleaned and disinfected.