.02 General Requirements.

A. All bovine animals are subject to inspection for evidence of infectious disease including those caused by parasites. Affected and exposed animals are not eligible for movement to Maryland farms and shall be consigned directly to slaughter or handled in such a manner as specified by the Secretary.

B. Diagnostic tests of cattle may be required when it is considered necessary.

C. Cattle classified as suspects or reactors as a result of a test performed at a stockyard or auction market, shall be consigned directly to slaughter, or handled in such manner as specified by the Secretary, and no indemnity paid. Exposed animals will be handled at the discretion of the Secretary.

D. It is prohibited for any person or persons to:

(1) Conceal the identity or origin of a bovine animal within the State; or

(2) Remove manually, for the purpose of concealing or falsely representing the identity of the animal, any means of identification such as back tag, ear tag, tattoo, or other means of identification recognized by the Secretary.

E. Records of Animals Received and Disposed of.

(1) It shall be the duty of each livestock dealer and livestock market operator to maintain a record covering all animals received and disposed of. These records shall include the date of receipt and date of sale, and the name and address of the consignor and purchaser. Each animal shall be identified by a metal ear tag number, tattoo number, purebred name and registry number, or a horn or hoof brand number, by breed, sex, age, and approximate weight, the health status and the purpose for which the animals are consigned, that is, for breeding, feeding, grazing, or milk production. Individual identification is not required for:

(a) Steers, or spayed heifers;

(b) Calves under 8 months old of beef type for feeding and grazing purposes.

(2) These records shall be retained for a period of 3 years.

F. It shall be the duty of every livestock trucker, livestock dealer, livestock market operator, and slaughtering establishment subject to or maintaining meat inspection, to identify upon receipt, unless already identified by back tag, all bovine breeding animals 2 years old and over originating from herds in this State and received for sale or shipment to a slaughtering establishment.

G. The identification, unless otherwise authorized by the Secretary, shall consist of an official back tag issued by the Department or the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, U.S.D.A., and shall be affixed to the animals at a point approximately 4 inches behind the shoulder and 4 inches below the top line.

H. Every person required to identify animals in accordance with this regulation shall file reports, on forms prescribed and at intervals prescribed by the Secretary, of all animals identified including the back tag number and date of application, and the name, address, and county of residence of the person who owned or controlled the herd from which the animals originated.

I. The requirements of this regulation may not apply to livestock truckers with respect to animals received for delivery directly to a livestock market agreeing to accept responsibility for back tag identification, if at the time of delivery the market is furnished with information identifying the herd of origin.

J. Animals with one pair of fully erupted permanent incisors will be deemed to be 24 months old.