.05 Handling Brucellosis Reactor and Exposed Cattle.

A. Brucellosis Reactors. Brucellosis reactors, revealed by an official brucellosis test, shall be tagged, within 15 days of the date of the test, in the left ear with a reactor tag, and branded on the left jaw with the letter "B", no smaller that 2 inches or larger than 3 inches in height. Reactors shall be shipped to slaughter under written permit or disposed of in another manner approved by the Secretary within 15 days after branding. The remainder of the herd shall be placed under quarantine and handled as exposed cattle.

B. Exposed Cattle. Brucellosis exposed cattle shall be quarantined and may be moved from the premises only for immediate slaughter and upon written permit. In addition, exposed cattle shall be heat branded on the left jaw with the letter "S" at least 2 inches by 2 inches and identified with an approved metal ear tag at the first point of concentration in Maryland or before leaving the original premises to pass interstate. The following exceptions apply:

(1) Calves under 6 months old which are nursed by brucellosis exposed cows in a herd known to be infected with brucellosis, which herd has been brucellosis tested negative within 10 days before movement; calves under 6 months old that have been weaned from a brucellosis reactor or exposed cows for not less than 30 days immediately preceding the movement may be moved without a brand provided the calves are accompanied by a permit.

(2) Steers and spayed heifers over 6 months old may be moved without restriction. Exposed animals shall remain under quarantine until sent to slaughter or subjected to tests at intervals the Secretary may require to determine if they are free of brucellosis infection.