.08 Dogs.

A. All dogs imported into Maryland shall be accompanied by a certificate of health issued by an accredited or a licensed graduate veterinarian and approved by the proper animal health official of the state of origin. The certificate shall state that the dog or dogs:

(1) Are free from symptoms of any infectious or communicable disease;

(2) Did not originate within an area under quarantine for rabies; and

(3) Have been vaccinated (except puppies under 4 months old) within 12 months of shipment with killed rabies vaccine or within 3 years with a modified live virus rabies vaccine.

B. Dogs consigned directly to research facilities, licensed dealers, or both, as defined by Federal Law No. PL 89-544 are exempted from provisions of this regulation.

C. A health certificate will not be required for dogs entering the State temporarily for exhibition purposes, provided the other stated health requirements have been fulfilled.