.05 Horses, Mules, and Asses.

A. These animals may be imported into Maryland when accompanied by a health certificate, issued by an official veterinarian of the state of origin or of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, United States Department of Agriculture, accredited veterinarian or a licensed graduate veterinarian who has been approved by the proper animal health official of the state of origin. The health certificate shall give the name and address of the consignor and consignee and an accurate description of the animal or animals and certify that the animal or animals, as determined by a physical examination, are free from any evidence of an infectious, transmissible, or parasitic disease and have not been recently exposed to any infectious, transmissible, or parasitic disease.

B. All equines over 9 months old entering the State shall have been found negative to an official test for equine infectious anemia made within 12 months before entry and shall be accompanied by a copy of the negative test results.

C. A copy of the approved health certificate shall be forwarded to the Department before the arrival of the animals at their destination.

D. Equines not known to be affected with infectious, transmissible, or parasitic disease and not under restriction are exempt from the interstate health certificate requirement provided they are consigned directly to a Maryland licensed market or auction which handles equines.