.03 Health Certificates.

A. Definition. An official certificate of health is a legible certificate made on an official form issued and approved by the chief animal health official of the state of origin, or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

B. Preparation. Health certificates shall be prepared by veterinarians in the employ of the state of origin, by those in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, by accredited veterinarians or licensed graduate veterinarians. The veterinarians shall be approved by the recognized animal health official of the state of origin.

C. How Used. Livestock and poultry imported into Maryland shall be accompanied by an approved health certificate or permit, which shall be attached to the waybill or shall be in the possession of the driver of the vehicle or the person in charge of the livestock. A health certificate or permit will be void after 30 days.

D. Contents. The health certificate shall contain the name and address of the consignor and the consignee, with an accurate description or identification of the livestock. It shall give appropriate dates and descriptions, by name, of current disease tests specifically required, and shall give the health status of the herd of origin, when required. A copy of the approved certificate shall be forwarded to the Department.

E. Sanitation of Conveyances.

(1) All trucks, railway cars, and other conveyances, used for the transportation of livestock and poultry, shall be maintained in a sanitary condition.

(2) The owners and operators of railway cars, trucks, and other conveyances, that have been used for intrastate or interstate movements of any livestock or poultry infected with, or exposed to, an infectious or transmissible disease, shall be required to have the cars, trucks, and other conveyances and crates, coops, and boxes thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, under official supervision. Proper notice of cleaning and disinfection or certification shall be attached to the waybill or be in the possession of the operator of the truck or other conveyances.