.07 Mixing Procedure.

A. Before the scheduled mixing time, the applicant shall ensure that:

(1) All mixing equipment (that is, mixer, hoppers, elevators, augers, etc.) is cleaned, free of all seed and foreign material, and opened for inspection by the Department;

(2) The floor around the mixing area is cleaned and free of all seed and foreign material;

(3) Sufficient quantities of new containers are marked with the lot number of the mixture;

(4) Sufficient quantities of properly completed analysis tags have been prepared, unless they are being supplied by the Department;

(5) Each component container to be used:

(a) Is assembled in an area in close proximity to the mixing area;

(b) Has not been opened, torn, or water marked;

(c) Has a certification tag attached if it is to be used in any mixture requiring certified seed;

(6) Certification and analysis tags are not removed from any component container before approval by the Department representative; and

(7) Sufficient personnel are available to:

(a) Open the component containers;

(b) Load the components into the mixing equipment;

(c) Withdraw the completed mixture from the mixing equipment; and

(d) Fill, seal, tag, and store the mixture containers.

B. Before mixing, the Department representative shall:

(1) Inspect all mixing equipment, internally and externally, for cleanliness;

(2) Inspect the mixing area for cleanliness;

(3) Inspect the new containers to be used for the mixture to ensure the containers are appropriate;

(4) Inspect the analysis tags for completeness and accuracy; and

(5) Inspect and sample each component to ensure that the correct lots are present in the proper amounts and that all seed to be used in certified mixtures bears a certification tag.

C. When appropriate, the Department representative shall permit the applicant to load the components into the mixer. The applicant may not open the containers or place anything into the mixing equipment until the inspection under §B of this regulation has been completed.

D. The Department representative may visually examine any container of seed before it is emptied into the mixing equipment.

E. After the appropriate amount of mixing time, the Department representative shall permit the bagging of the mixture.

F. The Department representative shall have the sole responsibility to:

(1) Draw a sample of the completed mixture;

(2) Determine if the mixer is to be cleaned before the next seed mixture is mixed.