.06 Procedure for Requesting a Mixture.

A. An applicant requesting the Department to supervise the mixing of seeds shall:

(1) Determine from current seed stocks and laboratory reports the lots of seed to be used in the mixture;

(2) Promptly notify the Department of the need for mixing.

B. In making this request, the applicant shall provide the Department with the following information:

(1) Name of the mixture;

(2) Lot number assigned to the mixture;

(3) Quantity (pounds) of the total mixture;

(4) Net weight of each container of the mixture;

(5) Total number of containers of the mixture;

(6) Percentage of each individual component as it will appear on the analysis tag;

(7) Percentage of other crop seed, inert matter, and weed seed as they will appear on the analysis tag;

(8) Lot number of each individual component;

(9) Department's test report number for each component lot;

(10) Name and address of the customer, unless the mixture is for stock;

(11) Requested mixing date;

(12) A statement indicating whether the applicant or the Department is to provide analysis tags; and

(13) Copies of seed test reports verifying information submitted under Regulation .05D(2)(b) of this chapter.

C. After reviewing the applicant's request, the Department shall:

(1) Review the test reports pertaining to the component seed lots to determine if the lots meet the minimum specifications; and

(2) Contact the applicant with the results of the review.

D. If all components meet the specifications, the Department and the applicant shall establish a mutually acceptable date and time to have a Department representative present at the mixing location to supervise the applicant's mixing process.