.19 Fees.

Agency fees for field inspection and tagging of bagged and bulk seed are as follows:

A. Field Inspection.

(1) Small grains, soybean, and red clover:

(a) $1.75 an acre;

(b) $25 minimum charge for each variety produced;

(2) Hybrid corn — $3 an acre;

(3) Other crops — Certification fees for other crops not listed above shall be based upon the actual costs of performing any necessary inspection work;

(4) Reinspection fee — $25 for each variety.

B. Late fee — $20 for each variety plus travel costs, if any. For any application received after the due date for that crop, a grower shall pay a late fee.

C. Bulk certification fee — 14 cents for each unit of seed certified in bulk delivery, including minibulk and similar containers. A unit of barley shall weigh 48 pounds, a unit of wheat shall weigh 50 pounds, and a unit of soybeans shall weigh 60 pounds. The agency shall provide one tag or label for each container.

D. Tag and label fees — For seed packaged in bags of 2 bushels or less, $2 per lot per printing plus 14 cents for each certified tag or 14 cents for each certified label issued to the applicant.

E. The certifying agency shall deliver certification tags and labels by the most efficient means as determined by the agency. Any charges for delivery of tags and labels shall be paid by the applicant.