.15 Interagency Certification.

A. The requirements of this chapter apply when the certifying agency participates with an out-of-State agency in the seed certification process.

B. The certifying agency may reject any seed lot for out-of-State interagency certification that fails the standards as described in this chapter, including standards relating to:

(1) Rodent damage;

(2) Insect damage;

(3) Moisture damage;

(4) Excessive disease;

(5) Weed content;

(6) Other crop contaminants;

(7) Inert matter; or

(8) Any other factor that affects the performance or quality of certified seed.

C. Seed eligible for interagency certification shall be received by any person in containers carrying official certification labels, or carrying other evidence of its eligibility from an official out-of-State seed certifying agency, with the following information:

(1) Variety and kind;

(2) Quantity of seed;

(3) Class of seed;

(4) Lot number that corresponds to the previous certifying agency's record; and

(5) Name and address of shipper.

D. Tags issued by the certifying agency for interagency certification shall be serially numbered, or carry the certification identity number, and shall display clearly the certifying agencies involved, and the variety, kind, and class of seed.