.13 Bulk Certification.

A. Field and seed certification requirements of this chapter that apply to bagged seed shall apply also to bulk seed.

B. Under the certification program, only the Certified seed class may be sold as bulk. Recertification of bulk seed is not permitted.

C. Small grains or soybeans are eligible for bulk certification.

D. Storage of bulk Certified seed is limited to bins or containers that:

(1) Have openings at the top for loading purposes; and

(2) Can be securely sealed by the agency so that additional seed may not be added.

E. Bulk sale certificates are issued to each applicant handling bulk seed. A bulk sale certificate shall accompany each load of Certified seed sold in bulk. Seed sold without a bulk sale certificate loses its identity as Certified seed. A copy of each bulk sale certificate shall be forwarded to the certifying agency by December 31 of each year for small grains and by July 31 of each year for soybeans.

F. A bulk sale may be made only by the applicant to the consumer. Further bulk certification transfer is not permitted.

G. It is the seller's responsibility to:

(1) Handle the seed in a manner that will prevent mixtures and contamination;

(2) Ensure that a bin, auger, conveyor, and other equipment is cleaned before storage or handling of Certified seed; and

(3) Determine that the vehicle receiving bulk Certified seed is clean before loading begins. If it is not, this is to be noted on the transfer certificate.

H. Bulk seed eligible for certification shall be clearly identified by the applicant at all times. The following apply:

(1) Before certification is complete, the applicant shall affix a tag in a conspicuous place near each bulk storage area. This label is used to identify the:

(a) Variety and kind;

(b) Lot number or bin number;

(c) Grower number or origin; and

(d) Approximate number of bushels of seed eligible for certification.

(2) After certification is complete, a certification tag indicating Certified seed status shall be attached to each bin or bulk storage area. The kind and variety, lot number or bin number, grower number or origin, number of bushels, purity analysis, germination rate and test date shall appear on a blue tag.

(3) Each bin or bulk storage area is a separate lot.

(4) An applicant may not transfer seed to any other bin without prior approval of the certifying agency.