.09 Seed Sampling.

A. Bin Sample. Seed for certification that has not been conditioned may be submitted by the applicant. Unconditioned samples shall be hand-screened before being submitted for a laboratory analysis.

B. Official Sample. The certifying agency shall collect for laboratory analysis a sample from each lot eligible for certification, as follows:

(1) Bagged Seed. The seed lot shall be conditioned and bagged before the applicant requests that an official sample be collected.

(2) Bulk Seed. The seed lot shall be conditioned and stored by the applicant as stated in Regulation .13 of this chapter before an official sample is collected.

(3) Seed shall be stored by the applicant so that a representative sample may be taken and an accurate bag count made.

(4) A seed lot that has not been protected from contamination, or is not properly identified, shall be rejected for certification by the agency.

C. Instead of the procedure specified under §B of this regulation, the applicant may submit a sample of the lot obtained by an automatic sampling device which has been approved by the agency.

D. Bulk Seed That is Bagged. At the discretion of the certifying agency, bulk Certified seed that is bagged at a later date may be sampled by the agency for a laboratory analysis before the issuance of certification tags.

E. Resampling.

(1) One additional sample of a seed lot may be taken by the agency to assist in making a final determination as to the eligibility of a seed lot for certification.

(2) The certifying agency may resample any lot of seed after certification tags have been issued to ensure the quality of the seed.

F. Sampling Carryover Seed. Seed carried over from one planting season to the next shall be retested for germination rate and shall be labeled with the current germination rate and date of the test. The owner is responsible for requesting the certifying agency to resample any carryover Maryland Certified seed.