.08 Handling Certified Seed.

A. Planting, harvesting, storing, and conditioning equipment, including custom equipment, used in the production of Certified seed shall be cleaned thoroughly to prevent contamination. Equipment used in the production of Certified seed classes may be inspected by the certifying agency.

B. If Registered and Certified seed of the same variety are stored together, the seed lot shall be tagged as Certified only.

C. A person providing conditioning for any class of Certified seed shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) Facilities shall be adequate to condition seed lots without contamination;

(2) Each seed lot shall remain identified at all times;

(3) Records of all conditioning operations relating to certification shall account for all incoming seed and its final disposition;

(4) Each person shall maintain adequate records on the conditioning of all classes of Certified seed and shall permit inspection by the certifying agency;

(5) Each conditioning business shall designate a contact person who is knowledgeable about the conditioning business; and

(6) A person conditioning Maryland Certified seed shall have the facilities inspected and approved by the certifying agency before conditioning begins.

D. Bagging.

(1) All classes of Certified seed shall be put into new bags or containers, unless the certifying agency approves previously used bags or other containers before the bagging of the seed lot.

(2) Bags or containers shall be securely closed by machine sewing, or other methods approved by the agency, to prevent contamination.

(3) Bags containing seed that fails to meet certification requirements may not display statements implying certification when the seed is offered or exposed for sale.

(4) The seed owner shall notify the certifying agency before opening a bag for the purpose of treating or reconditioning a seed lot.

(5) On each bag of Certified seed, the kind, variety, and lot number shall be marked in a conspicuous place, or each bag shall be marked in a manner approved by the certifying agency.